A Sustainable Business Grew From Mushrooms

Running a sustainable business may be difficult for some people. The thought of failure may linger in the back of your mind after hearing statistics about the number of businesses that have been unsuccessful over the years. While some people have failed to reach success and ultimately achieve their goals, there are others who have started from nothing and have been able to naturally grow it into something that works for them. Instead of feeling discouraged, you may want to think less about the possibility of failing and more about the possibility of having true success.


Changing the World With the Right Initiative


There are some business owners who believe they are changing the world. While it may not be true for everyone who thinks that way, it is true for some people, such as Eben Bayer. As the CEO of a company called Ecovative, Bayer spent time focusing on building something that could benefit people in a number of ways. There are plenty of people who could benefit from the products provided by this business because they are eco-friendly, natural and far better for the environment. The sole purpose of this sustainable business is to eliminate the use of plastic packaging because it is bad for the environment. Ecovative uses packaging materials that are made from mushrooms as an alternative option.


Turning Passion into Profit


After taking college courses and learning more about the importance of protecting the environment, Bayer became passionate about starting up a business that would do just that. Although the business allows him to make a profit from each sale and live a successful life, it is about more than just making money for him. It is about doing something he is passionate about for the rest of his life while using the skills and knowledge he has gained during his time in college. He is putting his education to good use by starting a business that has the potential to truly benefit the planet now and in the future, too.


If you have ever considered starting a sustainable business, make sure it is something you love to do and would not mind doing for the rest of your life. If you would like to change the world like Bayer, you may want to look into initiatives that are resourceful and better for the planet. After all, pollution and climate change are two major concerns for the Earth as a whole, so these are things to consider when you are trying to figure out what type of business you would like to start.



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