Alternative Ways to Improve Morale

Finding ways to manage and improve morale in an organization is not just about employee happiness. With the many negative implications of workforce unhappiness, it means companies should be putting employee retention high on their list of priorities.  Any successful manager knows that the moment an employee is unhappy, productivity and morale go down. When employees leave a company it can have a long-lasting impact on how every other employee feels about their workplace. It is no surprise that when someone leaves the workplace, others start to wonder why that person left, and often times start questioning how they feel about the organization. So what are some alternative ways to improve morale in a company?


Regardless of the industry, workplace environment, or job title, something all employees look for is to feel like management cares. Employee happiness starts with feeling appreciated by their bosses. What are good ways to show your employees you care? Let them know.  A great way to achieve this is by being involved. Managers can be more aware of what their employees care about, such as family, interests, and achievements outside of work.  Some companies find it beneficial to celebrate important events in their employee’s lives. Something as simple as recognizing births, graduations, and birthdays, can have a major impact on employee retention.


Birthdays are a great opportunity to show employees you care. Beyond the usual birthday cake surprise, why not take an employee out to lunch? Even better, why not grant them a paid day off? Another great way to show you care is by showing appreciation for the hard work they do. Praise your employees during staff meetings for a job well done, and take the time for handwritten notes when they’ve gone above and beyond. Showing you care is ultimately about treating your workforce like human beings who are valued.


What about fun? Sure, Hawaiian shirt Friday might sound fun to some, but why not take the time be more creative?  Themed parties are a great way to boost employee happiness. Instead of the boring pot-luck, why not an 80s themed event? Food trucks are a fun trend that would be a great way to break up the ordinary lunch routine. There are many unique ideas around food centered activities that can break up the day, or be something employees look forward to certain times of the year.


As you can see, the key to employee retention and happiness comes in the form of showing you care, being creative, and finding ways to tell your employees you value what they do. Regardless of your budget, there are a number of ways to make employee happiness a company-wide priority. Your employees will thank you for the effort.

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