Grow With an Advance on Future Transactions

If your small business suffers the rise and fall of the economy, then a merchant cash advance from Capital Solutions may be just what you need. This advance lets you use money today that your customers will eventually give you through regular transactions. Here is a look at our simple process and some of its benefits.

How It Works

A merchant cash advance gives you money based on expected future sales. Qualified businesses can earn amounts as large as $200,000 for each business location. This money is paid back as a fee taken from credit card transactions. The card providers we work with include Discover, Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

Capital Benefits

Financing your business through a merchant advance comes with multiple benefits. Our quick turnaround time, meaning approved applicants can get their money within seven days, is just the beginning. Here are just some of the benefits we offer at Capital Solutions:

  • Minimal paperwork
  • Get funds quickly
  • No collateral required
  • Spend money on advertising, expansion, inventory, etc.
  • No application fee
  • No closing costs
  • No equity loss
  • No fixed payments

With a merchant cash advance, you can get money now based on future transactions. This is a great way to grow your business or pay of debts. To find out more, contact our office today and speak to an expert financial advisor.