Design Tips That Inspire Productivity

An office environment can have a major impact on how employees feel and what kind of work they produce. So what exactly inspires work productivity? Having a comfortable chair and a corner office are great, but there are two major factors that contribute to an increase in productivity in an organization. The first is the physical design of an office, and the second, company culture.


Throughout history an ideal office environment has meant different things. In the early 1900s it was about having a window for fresh air. With air conditioning that changed, and it opened up the possibilities for more employees in a single space. In the 80s came the popularity of cubicles and fitting in as many employees possible into one space. A more recent trend has been an open workspace, which has quickly proved to be more of a problem than a benefit. Numerous surveys are beginning to show high numbers of unhappy and less productive employees due to an open workspace and a lack of privacy. So what are some simple tips for inspiring productivity?


When it comes to physical spaces one of the first things to think about is lighting. Darker spaces can easily contribute to lethargy and depression, which can be detrimental to productivity when you consider how much time the average employee spends at work. Another factor is noise, which can be a difficult one. One of the reasons open spaces hasn’t worked out, is it creates a loud office environment. Every employee is different and so are his or her roles. Having more private workspaces can allow for customization in noise level for each respective employee.  Another two factors are office temperature and furniture.  Desks and chairs can be adjusted for each individual; and indoor temperature may be set between 69-72 degrees for optimum comfort.


Just as important as physical space is a company’s culture. This isn’t just a mission or vision; it’s who the company is and what it stands for. Ultimately, it is a shared personality that can have long-term effects on office productivity. Many companies used to believe that pushing employees to over work would lead to more productivity, but research is showing the opposite.

A positive company culture can lead to engagement, loyalty, and an increase in productivity.


In brief, creating an inspiring workspace is about more than just plants and painted walls. It means both physical design that works for all types of employees, and a positive company culture that provides support and makes work meaningful to all.



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