How to Improve Your Startup

You already realize the work it takes to get startups planned and implemented. The most critical phase, however, is finding and training key people to compose your core team. No other factor can help you take off faster. No other issue can bring you down quicker.


Review Where You Want to Go


Polish your mission statement until you have a short pithy sentence that says exactly what your business provides. Make sure to mention the resulting benefit. A bakery producing whole grain breads might state, “We supply original tasty bread to keep people healthy.” Type the statement in a large font and print it out.


Next, list the top three values you want to incorporate into your business. The owner of the above bakery might cherish transparency, health and kindness. Print these out in large letters on another sheet.


Honestly Evaluate Your Own Strengths


All startups have someone at the top. As the person in charge of your new company, you need to analyze your own strengths and weaknesses. Do you have a gift for seeing the big picture, or are you great at details? The object is to put together a team that exhibits equilibrium in skills and strengths.


If you haven’t already, make a list of the essential positions you need to fill. Indicate the particular strengths each job requires. When you are finished, make sure there is a balance to these strong points. While you want a team that is positive, make sure there is room for people who provide reality checks.


Find the Right Matches


Now that you have a good idea of the type of staff you want to fill your lineup, get busy and locate them. Whether you use websites like LinkedIn and indeed or make use of more traditional employment agencies, you should gather a number of applicants with excellent hard skills first. Resumes and portfolios usually do a good job of revealing these. The hard part comes with evaluating soft skills, attitudes and work habits. Take your time. As you meet each promising applicant, remember there are many people who excel in interviewing and not much else. Make use of the sheets indicating your mission statement and values. Ask questions to gage reactions and opinions. Check references.


Once you’ve settled in with your new team, get them involved with building your organization. Seek their opinions, share what’s happening with each step and keep the mission and values in front of them. Most employees of new startups want to feel needed and important. If you choose carefully and keep your people engaged, you will improve your chance of success.

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