The Wish List of a Small Business

“I wish I had more customers.” “I wish my expenses were lower.” “I wish loans were easier to come by.” If you’re a small business owner, these are all things you’ve probably said before. As a business owner, your wish list seems like a never-ending thing, a column filled with economic woes, healthcare concerns, business operations safety and much, much more. Some of the most common items shared between these “wish lists” of small business owners like yourself include:




Safety should always come first, and as the owner of a small business, you’re not only responsible for the health and safety of yourself and your family, but for providing healthcare to your employees as well. However, this can place a huge drain on your business’s cash flow. That’s why most owners have healthcare reform at the top of their wish lists.


Tax Simplicity


Tax season is difficult enough, but the complicated tax codes that owners need to memorize can make filing taxes downright impossible without spending hundreds of dollars hiring a professional to get the job done for you. Therefore, the simplification of taxes and codes is yet another addition to the average wish list that would help business operations run more smoothly.


More Helpful Policies


While many small businesses are restricted by endless regulations, many owners feel that there are not enough helpful policies and programs to balance the situation. Additional programs designed at helping the modern small business succeed could help make businesses more successful, and therefore is one of the top wishes for owners.


Easier Access to Cash


One major stumbling block for the modern small business is the reluctance of banks and other lenders to trust them with a loan. This makes getting the cash necessary to fund a healthy startup nearly impossible without turning to questionable alternative lending methods that might not be successful. For this reason, most business owners wish for better, easier cash accessibility.


Reduce the Number of Fees


One of the top reasons that many small businesses go broke is the presence of smothering numbers of federal and state fees. These put a huge dent in a company’s annual profits, and take away from the funds needed for the business to hold its ground, much less grow and thrive. This, paired with a scarcity of available loans and cash, spell death for many small businesses. Therefore, most owners wish for less fees, so they won’t be nickel-and-dimed out of the market.


If the government, banks and other entities adhere to the wish list of the average small business owner, business operations may very well improve in the coming years. With new administration and new ideas, anything is possible.

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