Tricks to Do Human Resources the Right Way

If people are the most valuable asset of any organization, then the department that supports and protects them must be indispensable. Every business, whether small, large or growing, should give top priority to developing human resources. The workplace thrives when this organization functions well but experiences numerous problems when it doesn’t.


Start With the Right Leader


A new enterprise should put a leader in place for this critical area as early as possible. The best candidate should have experience with startups and know how to develop policies, communication and a great company culture.


A position this critical should report straight to the top. An owner or CEO who has a direct line to human resources keeps his or her hand on the pulse of the organization. Adding another layer of administration is asking for misunderstandings and slower responses to problems.


Set Department Priorities


The development of a comprehensive company handbook should be a top goal of the division and its leader. The guidebook should open with the organization’s mission and values. The rules of behavior, clearly stated and applied to everyone, naturally follow. The handbook should conclude with the consequences of breaking the rules plainly laid out. Once again, these penalties must equally apply to everyone from the top of the organization down.


Performance feedback and evaluations are another priority of the department. The handbook should outline a schedule for regular reviews, and human resources must administer them faithfully. The department also assists employees in setting personal development goals.


The division leader should organize and administer an intensive training and mentoring program for new hires. This training consists of general components as well as modules pertinent to individual positions. Sessions also emphasize special awareness training on sensitive issues like sexual harassment, drug and alcohol use and discrimination.


When Calamity Strikes


Perhaps the most critical role the department faces emerges when a crisis strikes. It might involve a death or injury from the company’s product or service. It could stem from the arrest or misconduct of an executive or worker. Whatever the catastrophe, the leader must address the issue promptly and transparently. Even while the matter is still under investigation, the person in charge must state that they are examining the situation, and the company takes responsibility and will disclose all the facts once they become available.


The right handling of human resources can build up or destroy any organization. Putting a good leader in place, publishing a written handbook, giving employees great training and addressing any crisis quickly and clearly helps keep everyone on track.

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